This section shows the skill you
have to max first. This means you
have to put a point in it whenever
you can. The only exception is
your ultimate, which you can
always skill first.

This section also shows the
summoner spells you have to pick
during Champion Select.


This section shows the items you
have to buy. You have to buy the
items in the order displayed,
and you have to finish an item
before you are allowed to start
the next one. The boots are the
only exception, you can buy those
whenever you want and you don't
have to finish them.

You are forbidden to buy any other
items except for the ones listed
and health potions. Once you've
completely finished your build
including boot enchantment, you
are allowed to buy elixirs.

You can click on the images of
items that you have finished
to mark them as done.
You can also click on item
names to open their lol-wiki

Ultimate Bravery on Twisted Treeline